Wills & Probate 2The preparation of a Will is one of the most important legal tasks that any person will carry out in their lifetime.  A will is designed to set out how a person the wishes their assets to be distributed after they have passed away and is undoubtedly one of the most important legal documents that any person will execute.  It is commonly accepted that the need for a Will arises once a person 1) becomes married, 2) has children or, 3) takes an interest in any property, asset, or number of assets which when taken together are of some value.


It is of the utmost importance to seek good legal advice when making a will as there are a number of essential elements to both preparation of the document and the actual signing of the document in order to make it a valid Will.  The laws governing the making of wills are strict and if the correct approach is not taken the Will can be regarded as invalid at the outset or open to challenge.  At Martin J. Burke Solicitors we offer excellent advice both in relation to estate planning and also the legal options available to you in drawing up your will to ensure that your business or farm enterprise will pass to your intended successor with minimal effect and in the most beneficial way possible.  Wills and inheritances have substantial tax consequences and we offer guidance in relation to these taxes both through ourselves and through trusted external tax advisors.

If you are the Administrator, Executor or Next of Kin of a deceased relative or friend you are responsible for carrying out the wishes of the deceased Martin J. Burke Solicitors offer legal services to assist you in doing so.  The period following the death of a family member or close friend is a very difficult time and we provide a sensitive approach to the legal process which must be followed in the aftermath.  We will provide the necessary expertise to carry out the administration of the estate of the deceased to ensure as best as possible that their wishes are carried out following their death.

In the event that you are a family member or relative who is dissatisfied with the Will of a deceased or if you fear that your relative’s Will was interfered with or incorrectly drafted we can offer high quality legal advice in relation challenging a Will.  It is unfortunately true that in some circumstances, due to the infirmities of old age, a person creating a Will is not always acting under their own free will or intentions.  If this is found to be the case by the Courts the Will may be set aside in order to achieve the true intentions of the deceased.


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