"Nemo Judex in Sua Causa"

Nobody may be a Judge in his own case

Hear the other side

"Audi Alteram Partem"

"Quid Pro Quo"

Something for Something

"Caveat Emptor"

Let the buyer beware

The law does not distinguish so we should not distinguish

"Lex non distinguitur nos non distingure debemus"

Welcome to the website of Martin J. Burke Solicitors, Castle Quay House, Bypass Road, Carrick on Shannon, Co. Leitrim.

Tel:- 071-9650704  Email:- info@mjbsolicitors.ie

Located on bypass road in Carrick on Shannon, adjacent to Cryans Hotel, we offer a broad range of legal services to both private individuals and corporations or business.  We represent persons before the Courts on criminal or road traffic charges.  We also act for people who need the services of a Solicitor to protect their legal rights, seek compensation for wrongful injury, damage or loss caused by the negligence of another, or for issues arising in the course of employment.  We offer legal services relating to Mortgages, Purchase, Sale  or lease of property, all forms of Family Law agreements or disputes and all forms of business transactions.  We also offer advice in relation to the making of wills, estate planning and/or the administration of the estate of deceased persons.  

Martin J. Burke solicitors take pride in providing high quality legal advice to all clients of the firm in an efficient, professional and cost effective manner.  Priority is given to customer satisfaction and to ensuring that clients remain fully informed at all times.  We ensure that client confidentiality is strictly maintained by the Firm at all times and we constantly endeavour to be sensitive to the stresses experienced by clients.

For more information on the areas of practice of the Firm please see the pages set out below.

Should you require any further information please feel free to contact us.

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